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Pictures showing the extent of flooding in Preston and Carlisle revealed that some rail lines were under several feet of flood water: This water must recede from the tracks before electrical equipment and tracks can be repaired.Speed restrictions are also in force across the network.More than 60,000 houses were without power on Sunday afternoon and residents were warned that power may not be restored for a number of days in some areas.The NHS in Lancashire declared a major incident after flooding caused power cuts and stopped doctors and nurses reaching hospitals.Fears are growing over the safety of an elderly man who police believe fell into a swollen river in Cumbria, and the weather has already claimed the life of a 90-year-old man who was blown into a bus by a gust of wind in London.Rescue and evacuation missions, which began on Saturday, continued into Monday in areas which have seen more than a month's rainfall over 24 hours.

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You may well wonder how Roman soldiers would have felt when they first arrived at this bleak spot on a cold, damp day. This is a chance to get up close and personal with a wily beast that hasn't roamed these lands for centuries.

Keep an eye out for Lingholm Estate (where Beatrix Potter used to spend summers) on the western shore and the Catbells summit beyond.

Boats are available from Easter to the end of October.

Climb the Hardknott Pass, England's joint-steepest road, to a remote outpost of the Roman Empire.

Hardknott Roman Fort was built during the reign of Hadrian and today you can explore its well-preserved stone walls.

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