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Twelve issues were released in this series, from January 1983 to 1987.

Early volumes appeared on CED, laserdisc, and Japanese VHD, while all volumes appeared on Betamax and VHS.

Numerous videos have been released by Playboy Enterprises, the publishers of Playboy magazine.

They are largely made up of music-video-style vignettes featuring Playboy Playmates and other models in various stages of nudity and, on occasion, softcore sex scenes.

Early releases include Playmates such as Tawnni Cable with a documentary on photographer Arny Freytag, Julie Clark with a shorter profile of Playmate Stacy Arthur, the Van Breeschooten twins with a featurette on Jayne Mansfield, and Morgan Fox with a shorter profile of Playmate Wendy Kaye.

Over the years Playmates have appeared in this favorite form of pinup art.Playmate of the Year (launched in 1987 with a volume on Donna Edmondson) and Anniversary Playmate videos (begun in 1989 with 35th Anniversary Playmate Fawna Maclaren) are subsets of the Video Centerfold series, focusing on prominent Playmates. Standard Video Centerfold releases were of Playmates of the Month, and were usually released close to the Playmate's appearance in the magazine.The title for a standard Video Centerfold is Playboy Video Centerfold: [model name].Prior Playmates who have become celebrities (or just notorious) in their own right may be featured in a Celebrity Centerfold.The videos are approximately 60 minutes in length, with 45 minutes devoted to the celebrity, and 15 minutes to a secondary feature.

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