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90.4 percent of Kiana residents are Iñupiat Eskimos.Before white people came to the region, the children of Kiana grew up speaking the Inupiaq language.In Alaska, the only city with a population of 200,000 to 499,999 is Anchorage.Alaska has towns with a population of between 20,000 and 50,000 people like Juneau and Fairbanks.They did not have to learn the language in school because it was their first language.Native children in Alaska were eventually sent to boarding schools, just as they were in the lower 48 states, and were forbidden to speak Inupiaq.The Indian Reorganization Act tribal government is known as the Native Village of Kiana.Winter temperatures in Kiana range from 10 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) to 15 degrees above. Temperature extremes have been recorded from 54 degrees below zero to 87 degrees above.

When more digging was done, they found that some of the houses they excavated were connected with tunnels and passage ways.

The average house size in the village was about the size of typical one-roomed cabins.

In 1909, Kiana became a key supply post for placer mines along the Squirrel River. Before the post office was built, mail came only once a month.

Snowfall averages 60 inches per year, rainfall 16 inches.

In Kiana, there are of frequent storms and extreme temperature swings.

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