Invalidating iterator

is initialized with a path to retrieve an iterator pointing to the beginning of a directory.

To retrieve the end of a directory, the class must be instantiated with the default constructor.

"Be a dear, Stan," she said to him, without looking around, "and get me a container I can pour this juice into."Stanislaus was a good boy, and he was pretty sure he knew what a container was.

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A given index can be valid for zero, one or more than one collection instance at the same time.To recursively iterate over a directory and subdirectories, concurrent insertion and traversal, but not concurrent erasure. They may hold locks internally, but never while calling user-defined code.Note that this rule, like all other rules, is an “as if” rule.As long as the resulting semantics match what the rules dictate, the actual implementation can be anything. It does not matter if an index was obtained from the collection instance, or derived from input or unrelated data. Using an invalid index to designate elements of an array or an array slice is guaranteed to perform a trap.

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