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Life has a way of balancing things out, and now I get to...― The thrill of risk and the ecstasy of a big victory make gambling quite a sexy endeavor, while the devastation of a big loss and the destructive addiction it can foster simultaneously make it very ugly.That dic...― Volume 1 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order revealed a past for Alita that cast her as a young girl clinging to life on a settled Mars.The new main cast, all members of Konda's yakuza group, include: Shō Aoyagi as Masashi Rōsu Shinsuke Katō as Mino Shinji Uchiyama as Eiji Maruna... In between each segment, Pop Team Epic displays its logo with a voice over reading the show's name.Doesn't underestimate Hiro Mashima, the Fairy Tail creator is a master of time management. The couple was laughing at the previous segment's conclusion when their infant son...The video, narrated by character Yukari Akiyama, highlights the tanks of Jatkosota High School.Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia also began streaming the second English-subtitled promotional video for the ...― Real Car Series Initial D sold 1,288 copies to rank #15 on the overall DVD chart.sculpture is titled "Shirogane no Kessen" (The Silver Decisive Battle) and depicts the face-off between the Fell Worm Nidhogg and Azure Dragoon Estinien Wyrmblood. The buffet restaurant chain Sweets Paradise launched a collaboration with the Pop Team Epic anime on Friday.

There was a time when maid anime ruled the roost and battle maids were just another type within the very popular character trope.

Female Pikachu, with tell-tale hear-shaped tails, are the stars of the prizes targeted toward women.

The lineup includes two varieties of 24-centimeter (about 9... on Ice to cross over into mainstream figure-skating.

James Beckett sees how this continuation of the manga story compares to the first series' anime-original conclusion.

Play Station 4 game began streaming a new promotional video on Tuesday.

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