How to catch your husband on dating sites

Why does the man sitting next to you glance at other women? Kind of like watching football with their hands in their pants.You have all the equipment she does and he still looks. See what our panelists answered this week, and our two men panelists chime in: My grandfather at 83 looked at a woman one day when I was walking with him. ” He answered, “I’m not dead yet, you know.” As for my husband, he says he notices an attractive woman passing by kind of like he notices a bill board. However, if it every made me uncomfortable, I would talk with him.

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He also offered up that if he treats you well in other respects, try not to dwell if he continues to occasionally look. The good news is that you have the power to change your experience without changing your Husband (we all know how easy it is to change someone else.) 1.But I think you could ask your hubby to be more discreet-I am assuming that you are saying that you see him looking at other women. And, there are a lot of women today who parade around in tight shirts with cleavage to their navel that just invites looks. What can do is communicate with your husband and tell him it bothers you.Tell him that we are all human-and you still enjoy looking at other men-but you would appreciate it if you didn’t have to watch him watching… If he respects you, he will tone it down and cut the drooling to a minimum and save the comments for a nearby locker room.If you are out in public and your husband is staring at another woman, let him know that you are sensitive to that and don’t appreciate it.Hopefully he will consider your feelings in the future and modify his gazing habits.

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