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The discussion was on world-wide readiness, regional and sector cooperation, crisis planning and the testing on computers, response and information cooperation. Though there were several ways to approach the problem, the three main programming solutions that were widely used are: According to various sources, it has been revealed that the total cost of the work done to avert the Y2K crisis was over US0 billion. Globally, around 8 billion was approximately spent to ensure that there would be no major problems.They also identified the countries that had not done their share in getting ready for the crisis. The story of the Y2K bug started being circulated since the 1980s as folklore among those interested in computers, and had been their subject of serious discussion since then.Though the precise outcomes of these problems were beyond anyone’s imagination, widespread failures of the computer systems had been expected on the 1 of January 2000 (aka y2k), all the computer systems were compliant.These programs involved the checking and rewriting of millions of lines of computer codes, and the scrapping and replacement of equipment worth billions of dollars.But these problems were enough to make everyone realise that the Y2K bug was there for real and could have brought life to a standstill if preventive measures were not taken in advance. We tend to store all kinds of stuff, including food, water, equipment, bartering items, guns, ammo, and much more. Do you have one big space for everything, or divide … And they did not necessarily happen at the stroke of midnight, but in the days and months that followed. In some cases, programs showed up only when invoked, others caused erroneous results and data; in some the machines stopped functioning and in others, it malfunctioned.According to various sources, some of the problems that were reported worldwide are: Thus, the Y2K bug did cause problems though not widespread as expected.

To the IT industry, it felt like once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to clean up, standardize and update the systems, with no one keeping a tab on the money being spent.The stories of the Y2K bug became known to almost every citizen of the developed nations in the years 19.The story went that since the early days of computing, the IT programmers sought to cut back on then scarce computer storage space by marking dates with 2 digits for the year instead of 4.With the 1st of January 2000 in the near future, the lives of many, if not everyone, was supposed to be altered by y2k.It was the day when our computers, on which our livelihood depended, were predicted to fail us.

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