Dating vintage sewing machine

All embroidery, appliqué and quilting are executed by hand.The 1/4” binding was put on by hand using the same fabric as the 5” border. You can’t take this quilt too literally, especially with 60 stars on each flag.The creator of this quilt was obviously a lover of geometry.The border is 9” wide and is comprised of 3 separate strips. The white border between those two measures 5-3/4”. The inner body and inner border of triangle would cover the top of the bed with the remainder draping down the sides.

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The 1/4 inch binding is applied by machine and closed by hand. Unused condition, some black embroidery threads restored.

The quilt appears to be unused and has been organically washed and is ready for your approval.

This precious little doll quilt is in complete original condition, lovingly pieced and quilted by hand and finished with a pillowcase edge done in teeny tiny stitches. It appears never to have been used and has now been organically hand washed and ready to give as a gift for that special little child.

At the start of the 20th century, dark colors were very prevalent in the quilts.

American society was deeply affected both by the losses of the Civil War and the cultural trend begun in England by a mourning Queen Victoria.

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