Aries man dating aries woman

I always wanted to be the dominant one in a relationship, but not anymore. We can't get enough of each other, almost to the point of madness! He likes me to call him would see me call and don't answer my call and if i don't call him he would call me and ask me why i did not call him. and I belive and pray that I found my soulmate/wife.. Also I had being reading on what Aries man like and how to attract and keep him. I feel so excited about that guy I'm dating, so I would want so much it to be a long term. Hi, I have read that Aries men do like feminine women.I was with a Scorpio man for a long time, but he definitely was NOT my soul mate, looking back. Our love making is very passionate and full of excitement. Im an aries man and I love with this beautiful aries women. I met and talked to other girls but this women of god I love . im a Christian man so I shouldn't be really reading horoscopes and stuff but its still fun to read and to see if this stuff is accurate.. hands down My question is to all Aries ladies who has being successfully dating or married an Aries man. Many articles all over the internet saying that an Aries guys like to chase their woman, otherwise they will loose their interest. I'm an Aries woman, and have to try a little harder than most women to be "feminine.." My Aries guy cooks for me, but is basically disgusted that I'm not very "domestic." I rebel against gender stereotypes and am not interested in being "domestic." My Aries guy is very loyal, honest, straight forward, sexual and strong (mentally and physically). He and I had a connection from the start and we never looked back.Relationships between two Arians should, however, be based on mutual respect, and follow one golden principle - "to do a partner as you would like him/her to do to you".I really don't believe in love ,and falling in love ,love is fake ,and people just fake it out ,so please , I m on my way to success, you decide if you wanna fall the the shit then go ahead ,love is stupidity?????They continually upstage one another, fight like cat and dog and yet are madly in love.

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Aries of both sexes should maintain the fire of desires and be able to stir up feelings in his/her loved one.When two fire signs get together, it is definitely a wild ride!He is very protective, honest, loyal, strong, and so much more!Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick; Robert Downey, Jr.and Sarah Jessica Parker; Zach Braff and Mandy Moore; Steven Segal and Kelly Le Brock; Warren Beatty and Julie Christie; Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova ) can generally be considered an Aries-Aries pair.

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