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Sakura petals, or cherry blossoms, are commonly associated with a sense of beauty and innocence in Japanese culture.As discussed by Ango Sakaguchi in Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita, sakura petals are often a means to enhance and stylize the atmosphere of a scene, be it melancholic, resplendent or sensual.

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As self-important as these self-proclaimed critics are, they fail to realize that Sakura Trick is indeed a trick, and they are the ones being tricked.Despite the lack of explicit intercourse in Sakura Trick, male viewers nonetheless experience a craving for the girls’ well-being instead of jealousy and contempt for one of them as would be rational.This paradox challenges not only the Darwinian theories of evolution, but also Freud’s theories of sexuality.Time and again, great thinkers have demonstrated the immense potential of sexual psychoanalysis in narrative form. The exterior plotline of Sakura Trick is straight forward - two damsels unknowingly in love with each other: Sonoda Yuu and Takayama Haruka, start high school in the same class with four other apparent lesbians.This premise alone poses innumerable questions of pertinence - most of which are problematized further and explored as the series progresses.

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